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IoT Enable Fire Hazard Detection Innovation

IoT Enable Fire Hazard Detection Innovation

Life-saving and disaster prevention are among the critical issues in Malaysia. Thirty-six thousand fire incidents recorded in 2018; an increment more than 6 thousand cases from previous years (sc. Malaysia Open Data).This figure increased year to year, resulting in more than RM 5 billions of losses.

Therefore, a group of researcher from the Faculty of Computing, lead by Mr Nor Azhar Ahmad developed an IoT enabled device to alert the adopters wirelessly. This innovation had won gold Medal in the Third Breakthrough Invention, Innovation, & Design Exhibition on 23 October 2019.  

The innovation keys for this product is to detect fire hazard based on the fire triangle diagram. It also reduces the false alarm (fake fire hazard) and implementing artificial intelligence technique to analyse and come with low energy power consumption. This innovation is a result of five years of research on indoor air quality which applies multiple best practice in IoT sensing device development. Known as HeDoo Fire!, it is focusing on a residential area with B40 affordability.

To date, only one product on the market had this feature, with two sensors. Compared to toHeDoo Fire!, it comes with five sensors with data analysis capabilities.  However, most of the devices developed for China environment, which is not compatible with the tropical country. HeDoo Fire!, overcome this problem by implementing adaptive sensors calibrations features which can regulate local weather to its data analysis.


Content prepared by: Mr Nor Azhar Ahmad, FKom Lecturer

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