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BIT@FK 2019 (December Edition)

Assalamualaikum and warm greetings to all.

Alhamdulillah, we published our secondonline issue for 2019. This issue is very specialbecause it is the first time that the bulletin is published under the new faculty name. Previously known as Faculty of Computer Systems & Software Engineering (FSKKP), the faculty is renamed asFaculty of Computing (FK) officially in August 2019. In accordance to that, the bulletin name is changed from bit@FSKKP to bit@FK. Nevertheless, the scopes of coverage in bit@FK are still the same. We aim to report the important events and achievements that happened around the faculty which are beneficial to FK community and its stakeholders.

In September of this year, the faculty has successfully organised two big events, the 6th International Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems (ICSECS 2019) at Hotel Vistana, Kuantan and International Competition and Exhibitions on Computing Innovations 2019 (iCE-CInno 2019) at UMP, Gambang campus. These biennial events have attracted many international and local participants.

The other contents of bulletin provide the updates of FK activities and achievements in research & publication as well as teaching & learning that happened in May to September 2019. Do enjoy the reading and until we meet again for the forthcoming issues of bit@FK.

Dr. Junaida Sulaiman
Chief Editor